2019 District Organized

The Nsukwa Nigeria District was organized on March 31st from a division of the Ogwashi-Nsukwa District (renamed Ogwashi Nigeria District). The new district includes the following three branches: Nsukwa 1st, Nsukwa 2nd, and Ossissa Branches. Rapid growth has occurred in this region of Delta State in Nigeria since the mid-2000s.

The Church organized its first district in the region in 2006 in Asaba. The district divided in 2013 to create two additional districts in Agbor and Ogwashi-ukwu. The Asaba Nigeria District became a stake in 2018. Thus, within the matter of 15 years the Church progressed from only a few branches in northern Delta State that pertained to the Onitsha Nigeria District, to one stake and three districts all headquartered in Delta State. Additionally, the Ogwashi Nigeria District appears close to becoming a stake as the district has eight branches that all function within the city of Ogwashi-ukwu. With two branches in Adonte, this village appears likely to become its own district if a third branch is organized or have the two branches in the district become assigned to the new district in Nsukwa.

There are now 56 stakes and 17 districts in Nigeria.


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