The London England Temple (formerly the London Temple) is the 12th operating temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). It is located in Newchapel, Surrey, England.

The temple serves church members in south Wales, the Channel Islands, southern parts of England, the Limerick District of Ireland, and Jordan.[1]


Building of the temple began on 27 August 1955, and the temple was dedicated on 7 September 1958. Over 76,000 people toured the building during the public open house before it was dedicated.[2] It was the first LDS temple to be built in the United Kingdom. Its construction was part of a growth in the number of temples, led by David O. McKay, who performed the dedication.

After thirty-two years, the temple was closed for remodeling and refurbishing. An additional Template:Convert were added, as well as a fourth floor. In October 1992, Gordon B. Hinckley rededicated the London England Temple, after a two-week public open house. A second British temple was built in 1998 in Chorley, Lancashire.

A statue of the angel Moroni was placed atop the temple at the conclusion of the Jubilee Celebration. Included in the Jubilee project was the restoring the Manor House and the visitors center, adding new mission offices to the temple site and renovating the accommodation center for temple patrons.[3]


The temple has a total of Template:Convert, four ordinance rooms, and seven sealing rooms.[4] It is faced with white Portland limestone with a green copper spire. Like other LDS temples, a temple recommend is required for church members to enter.

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