2018 Paradise Fire


Charred remains of the Paradise 1st Ward meetinghouse in Paradise, California, on the day after the November 8, 2018 Camp Fire destroyed the town. Photo by James Dimmitt.

The wildfire that largely incinerated Paradise, California, offered a stark reminder that Latter-day Saint bishops often shepherd others even while enduring their own trials.

Paradise 1st Ward Bishop Robert Harrison and Paradise 2nd Ward Bishop Troy Mattson (both part of Chico California Stake) have spent the past several days monitoring the welfare of their members, offering spiritual support, and coordinating relief efforts with fellow priesthood and Relief Society leaders.

Both bishops lost their own homes to the flames and are counted among the thousands displaced by one of the most destructive wildfires in California's history. But even as they minister to those in their charge, both Bishop Harrison and Bishop Mattson said they too are being ministered to by fellow members from the Chico California Stake and beyond.[1][2]


Several hundred Latter-day Saints and community members gather at a warehouse in Oroville, California, to package and distribute food and supplies to those impacted by a deadly wildfire that heavily damaged Paradise, California. Photo taken November 17, 2018.2018 BY INTELLECTUAL RESERVE, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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